6 hours
3 modules
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Course Description

As part of gaining a bat licence it is important to be aware of health and safety issues involved with bat work and how to reduce risks. In this course we will cover some of the most common hazards and risks associated with undertaking bat surveys. This course aims to raise your awareness of the risks of certain activities and how to keep yourself safe.

This self-study course will be split into 3 modules. An overview of these modules and what will be covered in each one is outlined below. As this is only an awareness course, we would encourage you to look into more thorough training on topics that you think may be particularly relevant to you in your job but we do provide a lot of useful video links to add to your learning.

Module 1:

  • Night work – general hazards
  • Lone working
  • Working outdoors – general hazards

Module 2:

  • Working in loft voids – hazards, asbestos, insulation
  • Working at height – ladders, scaffolding and cherry pickers
  • Driving – at night

Module 3:

  • Working near roads
  • Biosecurity – rabies and white nose syndrome
  • Risk Assessments

How the course is delivered:

The course will be available as soon as you book and you can study it in your own time. Allow around 4-5 hours to work through it and do some of your own research. At the end there will be a short quiz and if you get over 70% you will receive a Certificate. 



Email: [email protected] or call Sue on 07818 073 660.