Jasmin’s last blog

Jasmin has been here on placement in the Exeter office for 3 months. With her last week approaching, she takes a look back at the last few weeks. I am now entering the last two weeks of my time here at Acorn Ecology and starting to review everything that I have learnt – which is … Continue reading Jasmin’s last blog

Time to Review

At the start of this season we posted a blog about setting your goals for 2017. In fact, it’s such an important subject, we wrote two! The first blog gave you suggestions on what you could do over a summer to improve your skills. The second encouraged you to set your goals, both short term … Continue reading Time to Review

Jasmin’s second month

Another month has flown by here at Acorn. Although the survey season has well and truly ended, I have still been out enjoying the outdoors and working on my skills. ECoW: Bat Tool Box Talks I have been to a few Ecological Clerk of Work jobs with Colin and Sarah now, mostly roof removals which … Continue reading Jasmin’s second month

Jasmin’s first month

Jasmin is an undergraduate student from Reading University who is on placement in the Exeter office for three months. Here she writes about some of the highlights of her first month. She has been busy! I have been with Acorn Ecology for 1 month now and have already gained such a brilliant insight to the … Continue reading Jasmin’s first month