Following success

The Certificate Course first ran in 2010. Since then the course has gone from strength to strength. We love hearing from our past students. Many of our students from the first few years are now Senior Ecologists, or running their own successful ecology businesses. Feel inspired by this year’s students and see what they learn … Continue reading Following success

Core Week 2018

Core Week 2018 is over. We hope all the students have had a chance to recover and let all the information settle in their minds. All the tutors thoroughly enjoyed the week getting to know the fantastic group of students we have this year! Again there is a mix of people coming from different backgrounds … Continue reading Core Week 2018

One Week To Go!

We’re so excited! Less than one week to go before our Certificate Students join us here at the Exeter office for Core Week 2018! Why do we call it “Core Week”? Over 5 days we are going to teach our Certificate Students the Core Skills they will need to get started in their careers as … Continue reading One Week To Go!