Sheila’s blog – You can do it!

It’s been great having Sheila in the Exeter office. Already an accomplished field surveyor, with Natural England licences for bats, GCN and dormice, Sheila regularly gives her time for numerous volunteer surveys, including Volunteer Bat Roost Visits, butterfly counts and reptile surveys. She has spent 4 weeks learning how to tie up field work with … Continue reading Sheila’s blog – You can do it!

Laura in Guildford

GCNs, Surveys and more… It is amazing what a difference four weeks spent in the right place at the right time can make. It was a great pleasure to have had a work placement at the Guildford office. Week 1 Habitat search on Magic maps, data search report writing, bat sound analysis on Analook and … Continue reading Laura in Guildford

Cathy’s blog

Cathy has spent the last 4 weeks on placement in the Exeter office. She has recently graduated from a Degree in Ecology and Conservation and is enjoying a variety of different tasks that Ecological Consultants regularly carry out. Over the last 4 weeks, Cathy has been on bat emergence/re-entry surveys, reptile surveys, loft inspections, bat … Continue reading Cathy’s blog

Jess’ Top 5

It was Jess’ last week in the Exeter office last week and she wrote down here highlights of the 4 week placement she did with us. Jess has been great during her placement – really enthusiastic and ready to do a bit of everything. Well, I’ve nearly reached the end of my placement and when … Continue reading Jess’ Top 5

Hedgehog Week!

Everyone loves hedgehogs, but how are they considered on development sites? Here are a few key considerations: 1. Where are you likely to find hedgehogs? Hedgehogs are found across much of the UK. Gardens, hedgerows, woodlands and parklands are all important habitats. In summer hedgehogs can roam 1-2 km per night in search of food … Continue reading Hedgehog Week!