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4 Dec 2023Blog

Fungi are one of the most diverse and fascinating branches of the tree of life. They are so different from other organisms […]

27 Nov 2023Blog

We are in a world where environmental consciousness is rising, and demand for ecological expertise is reaching new heights. If […]

28 Jul 2023Blog

Here, our Principal Ecologist, Sue Searle talks about how to plant trees and how to ensure the best start for […]

ETUK Sweden 2023
12 Jul 2023Blog

We have just returned from Ecology Training UK’s first trip abroad to Sweden. When you are used to the UK’s […]

10 Jul 2023Blog

Welcome to our birdwatching tips blog, where the enchanting world of avian wonders awaits! Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or […]

25 May 2023Blog

Shifting baseline syndrome is a term heard regularly in ecology and conservation circles, but what is it and why does […]

15 May 2023Blog

Let’s imagine you have a goal, and it is fairly ambitious – many of my students, for example, want to […]

Working in a cafe
30 Apr 2023Blog

Starting a new job can be exciting and daunting, particularly when it involves a new career such as ecology or […]

29 Mar 2023Blog

What are the best wildlife identification apps? We put it to the vole.

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