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Ecology Training UK
8 May 2024Wildlife

Passionate about Ecology? Join us and make a difference! Part-time, self-employed Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey […]

Work-life balance
10 Apr 2024Careers

Getting a good work-life balance is the holy grail in this modern world of high-speed internet and 60-hour weeks. Many […]

What is Biodiversity Net Gain
26 Mar 2024Careers

Biodiversity is essential for life on Earth, providing us with essential services like clean air, freshwater and fertile soil. Whilst […]

Can I get a bat licence if I'm not an ecologist?
29 Feb 2024Careers

Bats are fascinating creatures who play a crucial role in ecosystem balance. They are mysterious and misunderstood and, to many, […]

26 Jan 2024Wildlife

River restoration is an exciting and important topic that is gaining popularity as we begin to understand just how valuable […]

8 Jan 2024Careers

We are lucky enough to meet a vast range of students from all walks of life, and we are repeatedly […]

4 Dec 2023Wildlife

Fungi are one of the most diverse and fascinating branches of the tree of life. They are so different from other organisms […]

27 Nov 2023Careers

We are in a world where environmental consciousness is rising, and demand for ecological expertise is reaching new heights. If […]

28 Jul 2023Wildlife

Here, our Principal Ecologist, Sue Searle talks about how to plant trees and how to ensure the best start for […]

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