Sinead in Exeter

My month in glorious Devon After completing my undergraduate degree in Wildlife Biology BSc (Hons.) in 2015, I still didn’t have my driving licence or a car. A quick look at any jobs website and you will see this is an essential skill for a career in ecology. So the following 2 years were spent … Continue reading Sinead in Exeter

Bat Quiz!

Test your bat knowledge with a short quiz! Go to quiz Feel inspired? Want to book one of our bat courses? Have a look at our Bat Sound Analysis Courses – currently on SPECIAL OFFER! If you’re a bat beginner, why not book on our Bat Ecology and Surveying course? Stay in touch with info … Continue reading Bat Quiz!

Liam in Guildford

The Guildford office of Acorn Ecology is where I find myself doing my placement. It is the end of week three with one to go. The time has gone by very quickly, the combination of site visits, office work and bat surveys have made for a busy few weeks. They also say time flies when … Continue reading Liam in Guildford

Molly’s month in Bristol

My placement started in the office at the Bristol branch of Acorn Ecology Ltd from May 21st to June 15th. Having been recommended the Certificate PLUS by a friend who completed the course in 2011, I was looking forward to getting stuck in and gaining lots of experience.

Sheila’s blog – You can do it!

It’s been great having Sheila in the Exeter office. Already an accomplished field surveyor, with Natural England licences for bats, GCN and dormice, Sheila regularly gives her time for numerous volunteer surveys, including Volunteer Bat Roost Visits, butterfly counts and reptile surveys. She has spent 4 weeks learning how to tie up field work with … Continue reading Sheila’s blog – You can do it!