Online Ecology Courses

Winter is here and the field courses are over for another year. That doesn’t mean you have to stop learning! Winter is a great time to tackle your background and baseline knowledge of ecology. Get yourself ready for next survey season with some of these titles. Why do an online course? Online courses are all … Continue reading Online Ecology Courses

Certificate Graduation 2018

Our class of 2018 have graduated! They have done so in style, with some of the highest marks we have seen over the last few years. Congratulations! It’s been a busy few months since the start of the course back in April. Our students have learned so much (as evidenced by the exam where we … Continue reading Certificate Graduation 2018

Josh in Bristol

Josh spent 4 weeks with the Bristol team in September. His blog is a great example of how work changes over the survey season. In September the field work slows down a bit and changes, with fewer emergence/re-entry surveys for bats and more reptile surveys than at the height of summer. There is also more … Continue reading Josh in Bristol

National Badger Day

You may have already seen our videos for National Badger Day over the weekend on Facebook. But we don’t want anyone to miss out, so here they are again! It can be tricky getting out of the sett when you’re only a little badger! What does a naughty little badger look like, when he’s being … Continue reading National Badger Day