Why choose us?

We have built up a national reputation for training ecologists over a number of years. Here’s why you should begin a course with us.
Expert training, from specialists
Led by top UK ecologist Sue Searle, we are unrivalled experts in our field. Our flexible online and field courses provide high-quality content and resources using a practical approach that adds vital skills, knowledge and confidence to our training.
Developing sustainable careers
We don’t just provide the roadmap for getting a job – we give students the tools to create a sustainable career. From gaining new skills, knowledge, practical experience and certification to career planning and CV help, we offer a comprehensive learning strategy to help students maximise their potential.
An unparalleled reputation
We confidently back up our extensive practitioner experience with over 15 years’ authoritative teaching expertise, in-depth knowledge and a commitment to sharing our passion for wildlife.
A smooth, efficient learning process
It’s so easy to sign up, enjoy and complete one of our courses. Our online training hub is simple to use, secure and streamlined – a comprehensive learning experience that will support students from start to finish and beyond.
Flexible, self-paced learning options
Our self-paced online format means students set the schedule. Courses can be started at any time from any location, participants can study as much or as little to fit their timetables and learning can be completed at individuals’ speed. We also provide taught field courses that provide practical exercises and experience.

Getting a career in Ecology

Find everything you need to begin, develop and enhance your job prospects in ecology or conservation.
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About Ecology Training UK

Discover more about who we are, our philosophy and what our courses can do for you.