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Interested in bats? Working towards your bat licence? This course covers how to carry out activity surveys for bats including transect surveys and emergence surveys. It covers underlying principles, timings and duration of surveys, how to plan your survey, equipment needed, how to record your findings, and using bat detectors and it also has a practical demonstration of both an emergence survey and a transect survey.

Before you book this course you may want to do our more comprehensive Bat Ecology and Surveying online course instead!

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Course Description:

This course comprises 3 videos:

Video 1: Bat Activity Surveys: Emergence and Transects classroom session giving underlying principles of how to plan and carry out surveys, timings of surveys, what you are looking for, equipment needed and health and safety considerations.

Video 2: How to do an emergence survey. Sue Searle, Principal Ecologist with 20 years bat experience takes you through the whole process of an emergence survey at a real site. Watch bats emerge and see how records are kept and what equipment was used.

Video 3: How to do a transect survey. Sue Searle takes you out to do a transect survey at a field/woodland site and shows planning the route, using bat detectors, stopping stations, making records of bat sightings and timings of the survey.

This is a great introduction to practical surveying of bats outside the roost.

At the end there will be a short quiz and if you get over 70% you will receive a Certificate.

Other courses that would complement this course is Introduction to Bats which covers the ecology, legislation, British bat species, bat habitats, conservation and more. Also Surveying Buildings for Bats which covers internal surveys of buildings, droppings, recording your findings and how to carry out an internal survey. Bats and Trees covers how bats use trees, what features to look for, survey methods and describing roost features.


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