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This course is a live webinar. 

During the days sessions tutor Rich Flight will cover the following topics around Bat Sound Analysis;

  • What a bat call is;
  • Equipment;
  • Recording bats;
  • Sonograms;
  • Types of bat call;
  • How to measure parameters of a bat call;
  • Basic species identification; and
  • Software

The course will be taught by Rich Flight who is an experienced ecologist and arborist and licenced bat worker. He has been doing training courses for 15 years and also provides bat sound analysis training for Bat Conservation Trust.



Please ensure you have access to one of the following;

The training is designed to be as interactive as possible. There will therefore be segments of the day where you will be asked to use your own computer to analyse bat calls. For this, you will need access to a sound analysis program.



The course will be held as a live webinar on Zoom. Details and Zoom link are provided in your courses tab after booking.


The course starts at 9:30 am and finishes by around 4 pm with a break for lunch.