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Bats and Developments

7th March 2022
6 hours
0 modules
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Bats are frequently encountered during development projects due to their use of buildings and also because of their use of the wider countryside for foraging, commuting and roosting. This course is aimed at consultants who have to give bat mitigation advice to developers or those wanting to know more about mitigation as part of their training for a bat licence. Taught by a Principal Ecologist who has done over 70 EPSL’s and has 20 years bat experience.

Course content:

  • Understanding when mitigation is required.
  • Mitigating for roost loss, including different roost types (e.g. maternity, hibernation etc)
  • Mitigating for loss of habitat – e.g. foraging areas or commuting routes
  • Species specific mitigation (e.g. for horseshoes, long-eareds, pipistrelles etc)
  • Case studies and discussions regarding successful and unsuccessful mitigation
  • Useful references


The course will be held on Webinar and details will be sent nearer the time.


The course will commence at 10am and finish at around 4-4.30pm.


Email: [email protected] or phone Sue on 07818 073 660.