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Ecology Training UK is the top provider of courses for ecologists in the UK.

We’ll teach you ecology, survey techniques, and legislation, and give you vital practical ecological survey experience. Our courses are both classroom based and practical and designed to help you to succeed in an ecological career!

We are genuinely committed to help train future ecologists by sharing our knowledge and skills.

We offer Introductory Field Courses for beginners, Advanced Field Courses for Continuing Professional Development, and Online Courses to help you with Species Identification and other ecological knowledge and skills.

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Bespoke Courses

Our bespoke training courses are aimed at people working in the construction/development industry who need to know about ecological requirements on the sites they work on. We can provide training to groups of ecologists or those who need to be aware of protected species and wildlife law. Please speak to us about your requirements for training. Our courses can count towards CPD. Continue reading “Bespoke Courses”