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Badgers are frequently encountered on development sites, so it is important that ecologists have a clear understanding of the legislation and guidance relating to badgers and development, and to make sure we use appropriate mitigation techniques. When is a licence required? What type of licence is required? Will this activity result in disturbance of badgers in a sett? Is this an active sett? If these are questions that your have asked, then our advanced badgers and development course is probably just what you are looking for. This online course is a pre-recorded webinar on video. Playing time 3 hours 16 mins.

Course outline: This course will be taught by an experienced ecologist from Ecology Training UK and is aimed at those who work with developers on sites with badgers, and those ecologists working under infrastructure maintenance contracts.

It will cover the following topics:

  • Badgers and the law
  • Badger issues in development projects
  • Types of licences (for development and in response to property damage)
  • Mitigation techniques for both licence types
  • Case studies of badger projects.


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