Bat Licence Training

Acorn Ecology is now offering Bat Licence Training. 

Our NEW 2019 Course is NOW OPEN for bookings! 

We all know how hard it can be to get your bat licence and we are here to help! With 10 years’ experience of ecology training Acorn Ecology is the best place for you to train! 

Our comprehensive Bat Licence Training course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and the practical skills to get your Level 1 bat licence. 

We only have 12 places so BOOK NOW to avoid missing out. 

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This course offers comprehensive training and revision for people with some experience of bat work who are working towards their Level 1 Bat Licence. It is primarily aimed at people wanting to work in ecological consultancy but could be for people working in conservation too. 

Acorn Ecology Bat Licence TrainingAcorn Ecology have been providing quality training courses for over a decade. Our courses are designed to benefit those working in ecological consultancy. They are written by ecologists, for ecologists. Our tutors are practising Ecological Consultants and experts in their field.

Course Details 

The course is a combination of taught courses, online self-study courses, assignments and field work. At the end you will be signed off for your Level 1 Bat Licence as long as the tutors are happy with your skills, knowledge and experience. We are here to help you every step of the way. 

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Time commitment: The course will start with a 5 day course in early summer (June) covering bat ecology and surveying, bat ID, bat sound analysis, and report writing. This also includes practical work in the form of site visits and evening surveys. 

You will return in October for a further 3 days of courses to complete your training and to be assessed in an exam. On this course you will learn about mitigation and licencing, bats and trees, hibernation and how to write reports and present data. 

Along with the taught courses there are two assignments for you to complete – one is a fact sheet on a bat species and the other a report for a Preliminary Bat Roost visit. There are also four online self-study courses covering architectural terms, health and safety, legislation and bat ID, which you can do at your own pace. There will be deadlines for submission.  

We look forward to welcoming you onto our course. 

Course content: We have provided a brief course outline below as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help answer your queries. 

Where: The two compulsory course weeks (5 days in June and 3 days in October) will take place in our training room in Exeter, Devon. In case you need to stay overnight, we have provided a list of local accommodation. 

When: The 2019 core weeks will be Monday 10th to Friday 14th June and 21st October to 23rd October 2019.  


We are aiming to help people who are already working towards their Level 1 Bat Licence and have some field work experience. 

We require you to have at least 50 hours bat survey experience.  

In order to apply for this course you will need to provide: 

  • Bat Log – we will check your experience on your bat log. We want to see a range of survey experience and a minimum of 50 hours of bat work. This will need to increase to 100-200 hours to complete the training. 
  • Personal Statement – Outlining why you want to do the course and where you currently are with your bat work. 
  • Phone Interview – This will be a short conversation so the tutors can assess whether you are ready to attend the course. If not we will advise you of what to do next. 

We will ask you to complete a bat log in a specific format, and send it in with the other documents as described below. We want everyone to have the best chance of passing the course and gaining their licence, so we will only take students we feel are ready to take the next step. If you’re not sure, give us a call on 01392 366512. 

If you feel you are beyond this level then get in touch with us to find out more about what we can do for you to get you your bat licence.

Price: The 2019 standard course price is £2376 (or £2400 if paying by 8 monthly instalments) inclusive of VAT. Click here for full details of the prices and easy payment options. 

How to book: To book on to this course, you must first check you have all the prerequisite experience (see below). If you do, please complete our booking form and submit it to us along with your bat log (in the format we provide), personal statement and payment for the course. If you are paying via our easy payment options you will also need to complete a Standing Order Mandate and Guarantor Form. We will then arrange for one of the tutors to give you a call for a quick chat to make sure this is the right course for you. 

Booking Documents 

To book you will need to submit the following:

Booking Form 2019

Standing Order Form*

Guarantor Form*

Bat Log (Template)

Personal Statement

*Installment payments only

Email them to and we will confirm your booking.

You may find our Bat Licence Training FAQs page useful.

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Bat Licence Training Course Outline

Part 1 – 5 day course

A five day intensive course which covers core subjects and vital skills for anyone wanting to work with bats:

Acorn Certificate Course Bats in loft
  • Bat Ecology
  • Bat Survey Techniques
  • Bats in Buildings
  • Bat Sound Analysis
  • Internal Bat Surveys
  • Evening Surveys – emergence, transect and crossing point
  • Report Writing (basic)
  • Quizzes and Tests

Part 2 – 3 day course

After a busy summer gaining experience wherever they can, students will come back to complete their training and take an exam:

Acorn Ecology tree surveys
  • Bats and Trees
  • Hibernation Roosts
  • Mitigation and Licensing
  • Report Writing (more advanced) and Data Presentation
  • Exam

Part 3 – Online Self-Study Courses

As well as the taught courses and field trips you will have some online self-study tutorials and courses to do at your own pace. These include architectural terms, health and safety, legislation and bat identification.

Part 4 – Assignments

You will be asked to complete a couple of assessments, including a fact sheet on a British bat species and writing a report. These will help the tutors test your abilities with written work.

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Part 5 – Experience

There is a prerequisite number of hours of experience of 50 (minimum) you need prior to starting the course. Once accepted onto the course we expect you to continue gaining experience in your own time. If you work for a consultancy, or as a self-employed consultant this should not prove a problem. Before being signed off for your Level bat licence you will need to have gained 100-200 hours of experience of surveys (emergence, transect, internal and hibernation).  

You will have up to 2 years from finishing the course to complete everything should you need extra time.  

Part 6 – Exam And Viva

You will be given a number of tests and quizzes throughout the course weeks and the online courses. These will culminate in a formal exam at the end of the taught course in October which will test your knowledge of all the subjects covered. 

The course tutors will compile the results of your tests, assignments and the exam. You will then have a viva (a verbal exam) with one of the tutors and, if you pass all of these, you will obtain a reference for your licence. 

If you have any further questions then please do get in touch! 

Call 01392 366512 or email 

We look forward to welcoming you on to our course. 

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