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This introductory-level course on bats and lighting covers what you need to understand about how bats are affected by light. We will cover what considerations need to be taken into account when designing lighting plans for developments, highways and other uses of lighting that could affect bats. Looking at basic bat ecology, legislation, what effect lighting has on wildlife and bats, which bat species are affected most by lighting and lighting terminology. We also include what to consider when preparing lighting plans and mitigation. Case studies will be included to give real-life examples of good lighting plans. This course will be taught online by an experienced Principal Ecologist from Ecology Training UK via videos.

Bats and Lighting Course Content:

  • Basic bat ecology and legislation.
  • The effects of lighting on bats, wildlife and people.
  • Which species of bat are most affected by light.
  • Lighting terminology.
  • What to consider when preparing lighting plans and lighting mitigation
  • Preparing Lighting Plans for bats.
  • Bat mitigation techniques for lighting.
  • Case studies of lighting schemes for bats.

Bats and Lighting Course format:

This course is delivered on videos presented by Principal Ecologist, Sue Searle, BSc, PGDip, MCIEEM. Sue has 20 years of bat experience.

Module 1 Bats and Lighting – this module covers basic bat ecology and legislation, why lighting is an issue for bats, which species of bat are most affected by lighting and some case studies on bat use before and after lighting.  Playing time 46 mins.

Module 2 – Lighting terminology – this module covers lighting definitions, illuminance vs luminance, lighting types, lighting legislation and guidance. Playing time 40 mins.

Module 3 – Lighting planning and mitigation – this module covers what the key things are to consider when there are bats and lighting is needed, sensitive lighting plans, and lighting mitigation for bats. It also includes some case studies of lighting schemes. Playing time 67 mins.

At the end, there will be a short quiz, and if you get over 70%, you will receive a Certificate.


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