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Bats: Surveying Trees for Bats

26th March 2022 - Exeter
6 hours
0 modules
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This self study course is aimed at consultant ecologists and arboriculturalists and aims to raise awareness and gain skills when assessing trees for bats.

Bats are fully protected by law and it is important to have a good understanding of them when working in woodlands or on individual trees.

The course will cover bat legislation, use of trees by bats, survey methodologies, how to recognise trees used by, or potentially used by bats, and mitigation that can be used when bats are found to be present. A field visit to practice assessing trees is included. 

We will cover assessing trees from the ground and when aerial tree climbing is appropriate. A Principal Ecologist with 20 years of bat experience will be your tutor.

Please note that a basic understanding of UK bat species and ecology is helpful for this course.


The course starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm-4.30pm.


Email [email protected] or call Sue on 07818073660.