15 hours
11 modules
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This course provides an introduction to the study of insects, covering their diversity, classification, behaviour, and ecological roles.

Students will gain an understanding of the major groups of insects, their characteristics, and their interactions with the environment.


The course contains the following modules:


Module 1. Introduction to Entomology: definition, history, and significance of the study of insects.

Module 2. Insect Diversity: overview of the major insect groups and their characteristics.

Module 3. Insect Diversity 2: overview of other major insect groups and their characteristics.

Module 4. Insect Anatomy: structure and function of the insect body

Module 5. Insect Physiology: basic insect body functions, including digestion, respiration, and reproduction

Module 6. Insect Communication: overview of insect communication methods, including chemical, visual, and acoustic signals

Module 7. Insect Social Behaviour: introduction to the social behaviour of insects, including eusociality and swarm behaviour

Module 8. Insect Ecology: overview of insect interactions with other organisms and their roles in ecosystems

Module 9. Insect Pest Management: principles and strategies for managing insect pests, including biological, chemical, and cultural control methods

Module 10. Medical Entomology: overview of insect-borne diseases and their transmission by insects. How insects are being used in medicine.


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