14 hours
7 modules
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This course is aimed at anyone working in environmental education, environmental or sustainability managers. It is also suitable for keen enthusiasts interested in learning more about our changing climate or incorporating sustainability principles at home or work.

  1. Introduction
  • Course aims, structure and terminology
  • Climate change – the facts
  1. The Impact of Climate Change
  • People – with case studies
  • Places – with case studies
  • Wildlife – with case studies)
  1. The role of sustainability
  • Principles of sustainability
  • Reversing the change
  1. Climate and Sustainability Goals
  • UN sustainable development goals
  • European and UK goals
  1. Achieving sustainability recognition and ISO standards
  • Critical thinking and assessing environmental impact
  • Sustainability, business and Environmental management systems
  • ISO standards
  • Recognising good practice
  1. Positive behaviour change
  • The role of psychology in behaviour change
  • Thinking differently
  • Case studies and assessment opportunity
  1. Achieving a green future
  • The tools for future sustainability
  • Practical sustainability (links)
  • Technology as a tool for sustainability
  • Case studies

You will receive a certificate on successful completion of this course. There is a short assessment at the end.