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Fascinated by bats? Want to gain your bat survey licence? Then this course is for you! From total newbie to licensed bat worker is the aim of this course!

The next intake starts: 17th January 2023 with an introductory webinar to get you started.

Most of this course is held online so you can study in the comfort of your own home. You will need to get 100 hours survey bat experience to gain your licence but also a lot of background training too.  We help and advise on how to get experience in your local area.

If you already have some training and experience then we can tailor a package of training for you to help you get your bat licence.


Course Outline

The aim of the course is to start you from the beginning if you have never done any training and take you through to gaining your first bat licence. As part of working towards your licence you will need to have 100 hours of relevant bat survey experience which you will obtain separately.

Stage 1 – Beginner

We start with an introductory webinar to prepare you for the course and where you can ask questions to clarify anything you are not sure of.

You will complete the Bat Ecology and Surveying course that covers the basics of bat biology, legislation, bat conservation, bat diseases, survey techniques, and bat ID. This course is available face to face (subject to availability) or online – choosing the face to face course may cause delays as there are only a few courses with limited spaces each year. You will also have a webinar on how to get experience.

Once you have done the Bat Ecology and Surveying course you will be ready to offer your services to get some experience – for this you would contact your local ecological consultancies (survey season is May to September) and your local bat group. You will need to go out and get a variety of survey experience to build up your 100  hours experience for your licence, this should include at least 7 internal building inspections.

You will record these on a Bat Experience Log CLICK HERE to get a template.

Meanwhile you have three additional self-study courses on architectural terms, health and safety and legislation for bat workers to work through. You will also be provided with some resources that are useful references.

In order to assess your progress each self-study course will have a short quiz at the end and you will receive a separate certificate for each of these courses. For each of the self-study courses you will need to get 70% or more to pass. You will also receive a certificate for your Bat Ecology and Surveying course.

Stage 2 – Intermediate

Once you have some experience (we only offer a very few hours of actual experience – it is  up to you to go out and get your own experience) you can progress to our Intermediate courses:

  • Surveying Trees for Bats which is an important aspect of your bat work
  • Bats and Developments which covers all about what to do if you have bats on site and mitigation. The Bats and Developments course can also be taken at the advanced stage if you wish after you have your licence.

Both of these courses are online.

NEW! We are also including our Bat Sound Analysis – an introduction to using software to analyse bat calls. This course is via live webinar and there are two courses available per year.

There will be two assignments which include writing a factsheet on one species of bat that particularly interests you and writing a report of your findings on a bat survey and what you found and recommended. These need to be submitted prior to your final Revise and Assess course as part of your assessment.

You will also have a report-writing webinar.

All of the courses mentioned so far are also available as stand-alone courses and for each one you will receive a separate Certificate. Let us know if you already have some training and we can work out a program for you.

Stage 3 – Assessment

Once you have completed all the Beginner and Intermediate stages AND you have your 100 hours of survey experience, you will be able to come on our Bat Revise and Assess course. Getting the experience hours you need will depend on your commitment to getting survey experience but as the survey season is limited to May to September you may take 2 seasons to get to this point.

This Bat Revise and Assess course is a one day field course, where you work with the licenced person who will be one of your signatories for your licence, to demonstrate how you conduct surveys. It involves visiting up to three sites in one day to carry out external and internal building surveys. If you have also managed to get handling experience during your bat experience then we can also assess you for your Level 2 bat licence where we assess you on the use of endoscopes.

After the field day you will be assessed individually in the form of an exam and a verbal exam where your tutor will thoroughly check your knowledge about bats. If you are not sure about anything this is your opportunity to learn something new. If the tutor feels you need to do more study then the written or verbal exams will be repeated until the tutor is satisfied that you know all about bats. You will not be signed off for your licence until the tutor is satisfied that you will make a really good bat worker with a sound knowledge of bats and adequate experience.

Read Bat Conservation Trust’s article on How to get a bat licence HERE.

Who is the Tutor?

Sue Searle BSc, PGDip, MCIEEM, Principal Ecologist here at Ecology Training UK has had a bat licence since 2004 and holds up to Level 4 with Natural England and also holds a Welsh Bat licence so can sign you off if you operate in Wales. Sue has been teaching bat courses for over a decade and has successfully helped dozens of people gain their bat licence.

Sue will be on hand to help you whenever you need it.

Contact her on: [email protected] or 07818073660.

Meeting your fellow students

The group will get to know each other during the Course Introduction webinar at the beginning of the course and will be able to keep in touch via email or WhatsApp group. They will also meet on the field course and other webinars.

Next course

The next intake starts: 17th January 2023 with the Introductory Webinar, however you can start the self-study elements as soon as you book. You have up to 24 months to complete the course.

Price: £1500 including VAT (£1200 excluding VAT) – instalment options available over 10 or 12 months or longer. Please contact us first about this if you are interested in this option.

Pre-Requisites: This course is for anyone interested in gaining a bat survey licence. We do NOT require any previous qualifications just a passion for bats and their conservation! Ideal for working around a full-time job or looking after a family.

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