Work-life balance
10 Apr 2024Careers

Getting a good work-life balance is the holy grail in this modern world of high-speed internet and 60-hour weeks. Many […]

What is Biodiversity Net Gain
26 Mar 2024Careers

Biodiversity is essential for life on Earth, providing us with essential services like clean air, freshwater and fertile soil. Whilst […]

Can I get a bat licence if I'm not an ecologist?
29 Feb 2024Careers

Bats are fascinating creatures who play a crucial role in ecosystem balance. They are mysterious and misunderstood and, to many, […]

8 Jan 2024Careers

We are lucky enough to meet a vast range of students from all walks of life, and we are repeatedly […]

27 Nov 2023Careers

We are in a world where environmental consciousness is rising, and demand for ecological expertise is reaching new heights. If […]

15 May 2023Careers

Let’s imagine you have a goal, and it is fairly ambitious – many of my students, for example, want to […]

Working in a cafe
30 Apr 2023Careers

Starting a new job can be exciting and daunting, particularly when it involves a new career such as ecology or […]

IMG_7442 resized for web
16 Mar 2022Careers

If you want to work with bats, understanding how to get your Bat Licence is the first challenge you will face. We are here to help with this simple guide by Head Tutor Sue Searle.

18 Feb 2022Careers

Are you ready to start a new career, or take on new challenges in your existing career in ecology or […]

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