Lockdown? Study from home!

We run a range of online self-study courses (22 to be exact!) for people interested in ecology and wildlife so you can study at home! All our online self-study courses are fully operating so BOOK NOW!! Learn new skills and gain new knowledge with these carefully put together courses prepared by professional, highly qualified and experienced ecologists.

Most of the courses are weekly modules sent out automatically but in the current circumstances we can send all the module links on request so you can study faster. Courses are 1-10 modules and our NEW ones are video based giving you real experiential material!

Courses include:

Phase 1 Habitat mapping

Surveying for Protected species

Introduction to Bats

Surveying Buildings for Bats

Activity Surveys for Bats

Habitat management

Habitat restoration

Woodland Management for Biodiversity

Introduction to Ecology

Invasive species

Mammal ID

Reptile and Amphibian ID and surveying

Bats: Architectural terms for bat workers

Bats: Health and Safety for bat workers

Also separate Ecology and Surveying courses for: Otters, Badgers, Reptiles, Beavers and Dormice

New courses are being added regularly! Book NOW on the Online Courses section of the website.