"How to Become an Ecological Consultant" (PDF) 3rd Edition

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This book is now in its 3rd Edition and is available here as a PDF.

An Inspirational Ecological Career Guide

Written by our Principal Ecologist and Senior Tutor Susan M Searle BSc, PGDip, MCIEEM.

About the Author

Sue Searle began her ecology consultancy career in 2003 when she set up Acorn Ecology Ltd after studying a biological sciences degree and a postgraduate diploma in ecology, conservation and habitat management as a mature student. She was previously a nurse and midwife. She now trains people who want to become ecologists and get into ecological consultancy through her company Ecology Training UK Ltd. Sue lives in Devon with her husband and has two grown up children and two grand children.

About the Book

With constant changes in wildlife law in the UK, professional ecologists are becoming increasingly in demand by developers, architects, land managers and land owners to give specialist advice on wildlife. There has never been a better time to get into this fascinating career. If you have a passion for wildlife and love the outdoors then this could be the career for you.

A professional ecologist advises many disciplines on wildlife issues and gets involved in projects of all sizes from new motorways to housing developments, habitat creation and wildlife enhancement.

This book gives you an insight into the world of a consultant ecologist, guides you through the skills, knowledge and experience you need, and how to acquire them, and ideas on how to prepare yourself for that first job as a trainee ecological consultant.

Here is what some of it's readers have said:

Very Helpful Book! by L. Mason
"This book does what it says on the tin! If you think a career in ecology/ecological consultancy might be for you, this book will certainly help to clarify your thoughts. I certainly found it really useful. After reading it I had a good understanding of what the job entails and lots of ideas about what I can to do to make myself employable.
It is written in a very clear and accessible way and it keeps to the point - everything in there is useful. It covers what ecological consultancy involves, the skills and knowledge you need to do the job and ideas for how to go about acquiring them. There is also help with preparing a CV and tips for the interview, as well as really good ideas for planning and setting goals. Overall, I found it a very positive book, but without over-glamorising the job, and it has made the goal of becoming an ecological consultant seem very achievable."

Brilliant Little Book, by Nigel Brooke-Smith

"This book is written in a very concise and readable style and contains all sorts of little gems that would help anyone wishing to be an ecologist or indeed starting out on any career. Sue has a very positive approach to life which comes across throughout the book, but she still retains a Brit's realism - of failure she writes, 'it is very rare to completely fail at anything' - a nice antidote to typical American 'super positive' books'. All in all its a great read, highly recommended."

A Superb Guide! by R. Levi
"An informed and motivating guide for anyone - from school-leavers to career-changers - looking to embark on a career in ecological consultancy. The book outlines the skills required and provides practical and creative advice on how to acquire them. I found this book inspiring and effective - it enabled me to identify my strengths and areas I will need to develop. Highly recommended!"

Avoid the Pitfalls! by Shaun

"As with many careers, it's easy to waste a great deal of time and effort when starting out as a professional ecologist. Sue Searle's book maps out a clear path to gaining the knowledge, skills and experience you'll need to start your new career, as well as techniques for keeping yourself motivated and focussed along the way."

A Must Have Read, by Sophsp
"I've been looking everywhere for some helpful reference books for my collection, This has helped me loads I would recommend 'How to become an ecological consultant' By S. Searle to anybody thinking of working within the ecological sectors"
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