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This course is a live webinar. 

Great Crested Newts are widespread across lowland England and occupy a range of habitats, in rural, suburban and urban areas. Although they breed in ponds, they spend much of their life on land. This means that there is potential for great crested newts to be present on many development sites. Therefore it is important that ecologists have a clear understanding of the legislation and guidance relating to great crested newts and development, and to make sure that appropriate mitigation techniques are used.

The course will be taught by Lindsay Carrington BSc DPhil MCIEEM who is an ecological consultant with many years of experience of working with great crested newts on development projects.

Course outline:

This advanced course is primarily aimed at ecologists who work with developers on sites where great crested newts may be present. This day will be spent in the classroom and will cover the following topics:

  • Licensing and legislation
  • Survey requirements
  • Mitigation techniques
  • Workshop (devising mitigation for a series of case studies).

“Great way to learn loads about GCNs in a very short period of time, thus setting me up well for GCN work in the future.”


The course will be held as a live webinar. Details and the link will be sent nearer the time.



The course starts at 10:00 am and finishes by around 4 pm with a break for lunch.



Email [email protected] or call Sue on 07818 073 660.