Certificate students get hired! 6 in one week!

We have had some great news that 6 of last year’s students have managed to get jobs as Graduate or Assistant Ecologists THIS WEEK alone! Well done everyone!

It is hard to get your first job during the winter months and combined with lockdown it has been even more difficult! Through hard work and perseverance these students have got their dream job!

Here is Milla’s story:

Before starting the Certificate with Ecology Training UK I had undertaken a Master’s in Wildlife Management and a variety of wildlife volunteering. I decided to risk spending my overdraft on the course fees to undertake it, and I’m so glad I did. The wide variety of skills taught on the course are consolidated into a clear direction and this structure has directed my haphazard wildlife knowledge into a specific job and career. I was immediately able to work as a freelance wildlife surveyor as a result of the specific training provided, and the course has paid for itself already through this freelance work. I found it hard to feel good enough to put myself out there, but Sue Searle filled me with confidence to be able to send out emails asking consultancies to sub-contract me, and after gaining a variety of different Protected Species survey experiences, doing more volunteering with the Bat Conservation Trust and a zoom course in Kaleidoscope Bat Sound Analysis software I was able to apply for full time consultancy jobs. Now I have been offered a job as Assistant Ecologist for the upcoming survey season and I can’t wait to get started!

Mark says:

“I have just got a job at Jacobs as an Assistant Ecologist! I am really excited for all the opportunities this new job brings and I would never be as far as I am without your [Certificate in Ecological Consultancy] course.

This course has changed the trajectory of my life and everything I’ve learnt has given me a new lens to look at the natural world and be enthralled by its complexity and beauty and see what else there is to learn.

The Certificate course is also a great welcoming net of people who have been in similar positions to me and become successful too, it is a great boost when networking to have that friendly face that has been through the same things and is able to help out too.

Many Thanks.”

Other students such as Casey, Ollie, Christine, Rachel, Robyn, Amberlea, Ella and more have got jobs since doing the course. Six of them just this week!

Well done everyone for your hard work! You deserve success!!

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