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How To Become an Ecological Consultant

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You can buy the inspirational career guide ‘How to become an Ecological Consultant’ written by ETUK’s Managing Director and Principal Ecologist,  Sue Searle:

Sue’s New Book, by NiWo

“Sue Searle is such a vibrant and interesting teacher who has helped me greatly with my studies. She has a down to earth and pragmatic approach which will surely inspire those who aim for a career in Ecological Consultancy. Sue helps to demystify the essential knowledge needed to progress in this field.”

This book gives you an insight into the world of a consultant ecologist, guides you through the skills, knowledge and experience you need, and how to acquire them, and ideas on how to prepare yourself for that first job as a trainee ecological consultant.

With constant changes in wildlife law in the UK, professional ecologists are becoming increasingly in demand by developers, architects, land managers and land owners to give specialist advice on wildlife. There has never been a better time to get into this fascinating career. If you have a passion for wildlife and love the outdoors then this could be the career for you. A professional ecologist advises many disciplines on wildlife issues and gets involved in projects of all sizes from new motorways to housing developments, habitat creation and wildlife enhancement.

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Very Helpful Book! by L. Mason
“This book does what it says on the tin! If you think a career in ecology/ecological consultancy might be for you, this book will certainly help to clarify your thoughts. I certainly found it really useful. After reading it I had a good understanding of what the job entails and lots of ideas about what I can to do to make myself employable.
It is written in a very clear and accessible way and it keeps to the point – everything in there is useful. It covers what ecological consultancy involves, the skills and knowledge you need to do the job and ideas for how to go about acquiring them. There is also help with preparing a CV and tips for the interview, as well as really good ideas for planning and setting goals. Overall, I found it a very positive book, but without over-glamorising the job, and it has made the goal of becoming an ecological consultant seem very achievable.”