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  • NEW! Bat Ecology and Surveying
  • Bats: Architectural Terms for Bat Workers
  • Bats: Health and Safety for Bat Workers
  • Bats: Surveying Buildings for Bats*
  • Bats: Introduction to Bats*
  • Bats: Activity Surveys – transects and emergence surveys*
  • Bats: Surveying Trees for Bats*
  • Badger Ecology and Surveying *
  • Beaver Ecology and Surveying*
  • Beginners Botany*~
  • NEW! Career Kick-Starter 6 step program
  • Dormouse Ecology and Surveying*
  • Grass ID *~
  • NEW! Great Crested Newt Ecology and Surveying
  • Habitat Management
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Introduction to Ecology
  • Invasive Species
  • Mammal ID
  • Reptile and Amphibian ID and surveying
  • Reptile Ecology and Surveying*
  • Otter Ecology and Surveying*
  • Phase 1 Habitat mapping
  • Surveying for Protected Species*
  • Woodland Management for Biodiversity
*These courses are in a different format with Sue Searle BSc PGDip, MCIEEM, Principal Ecologist taking you through the ‘classroom’ part of the course then she takes you out in the field to see things for yourself. These courses are delivered as video and have a course quiz at the end and you will gain a Certificate!
~ these courses will be available again in the spring when the plants are in flower again. 
All courses receive a Certificate on satisfactory completion of a quiz.

Bats: Introduction to Bats Self-study course

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Interested in bats and want to know more? Working towards your bat licence? This online course will cover much of the essential knowledge required to get a bat licence in terms of background knowledge on ecology, conservation, threats and legislation.

Course Description:

This introductory level course is delivered via video by Sue Searle BSc PGDip MCIEEM who has 20 years experience as a bat ecologist in the UK.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Bat taxonomy and relationships to other mammals
  • Bat biology including adaptations, life strategies, senses, physiological specialisations.
  • Bat reproduction
  • Bat food, feeding and echolocation
  • Bat seasons, roost sites, hibernation, maternity colonies.
  • Bat conservation - threats to bats including habitat loss, loss of roosts, pesticides and persecution
  • Bats and rabies
  • Bats and the law - legal status and licences

At the end of the course you will take a quiz and if you get over 70% you will receive a certificate.

Please note that in order to successfully apply for a bat licence you need to have a high level of survey experience and knowledge. This course aims to provide you with a good background knowledge of bats as you work towards your bat licence, but you will also need to put a lot of your own time and effort into achieving this, especially in terms of survey time.

What our students say about the course:

"Jam packed with useful and interesting information for anyone starting a career in bat ecology"

" A great introduction to bats with good coverage of a large range of subjects."

"I have recently completed the online Introduction to Bats course which was fantastic. It was a very informative course and delivered very well, and I really liked the fact that I could stop and make notes at my own speed and research around the topic also. I really did learn a lot from the course and it has really encouraged me to do more of your courses so I can build upon this new knowledge, so thank you."

How the course is delivered:

The course is delivered as a video and you will also be provided with a handout of the talk. At the end of the course you will take a short quiz and if you get 70% or more you will receive a certificate.


The running time of this video is 1hr 55mins but you will want to spend time stopping the video to take notes and do research so allow 4-5 hours to complete this.

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This is what some of our students have said about our online courses:

‘The [habitat management] course is certainly paying off as I’m currently managing woodlands as part of the graduate development programme with the FC. I’m about to apply for the membership with the Institute of Chartered Foresters and thought of attaching this certificate!’

‘Thank you for the course, I found it very interesting and definitely improved my knowledge of the fundamentals of habitat management.’