Sarah’s Holiday Blog

We ecologists just can’t stop! We have a passion for wildlife which we can’t switch off and we take it on holiday with us. Read about what Sarah saw (with great photos) on our Acorn Ecology News Blog.

Set Your Goals – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we posted a blog about starting your training – setting your goals and making plans. How are you finding it? Here at Acorn Ecology we know how hard it can be starting out on your career as an ecologist. There’s just so much to learn and so much to do. … Continue reading Set Your Goals – Part 2

Dormouse Meeting

This week Colin and I went to the Devon and Cornwall joint dormouse meeting. It’s really important to keep up to date with news about your local patch. You can read about it on our news page of our consultancy website HERE. Are you working towards a dormouse licence? Have you thought about taking our … Continue reading Dormouse Meeting