Acorn Ecology courses, Certificate course

Certificate Course 2019 – Bookings Open!

We are now taking bookings for the Certificate Course in Ecological Consultancy 2019!

Acorn Ecology courses, Certificate course
Certificate students 2015

Places are limited, so have a look and get back to us. Don’t leave it too late.

If you’d like to enrol, then take a look at the details on the website (see the Certificate Course page). All the forms you need to book and all the details are there.

Short Courses 2019

reptile course
Reptile Surveying and Handling – Exeter

We also have new dates for our short courses this year, so if you want something to look forward to for 2019, why not take a look and book yourself a place on one of our top field ecology training courses? We still need to set dates for a couple of the courses and will have these with you in the new year.

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Badger Ecology and Surveying
Date TBC
Bat Ecology and Surveying—Exeter Tuesday 28th & Wed 29th May
Bat Sound Analysis Using Analook
Monday 4th March 2019
Bat Survey Data: Analysis and
Presentation – Exeter
Tuesday 5th March 2019
Bats: Surveying Trees for Bats – Bristol Friday 29th March
Beginner’s Botany – Exeter Mon 8th and Tues 9th
Beginner’s Botany – Hampshire 22nd and 23rd July
Bird Survey Techniques – Exeter Wednesday 8th May
Dormouse Ecology and Surveying
Friday 3rd May
Grass ID – Bristol Friday 19th July
Great Crested Newt Ecology & Surveying—Dorset Tuesday 30th April
Otter Ecology and Surveying – Exeter Tuesday 23rd April
Phase 1 Habitat Survey – Bristol Monday 20th May
Phase 1 Habitat Survey – Exeter Wednesday 27th March
Phase 1 Habitat Survey – Guildford Date TBC
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal – Bristol Tues 21st and Wed 22nd May
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal – Exeter Thurs 28th and Fri 29th
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Date TBC
Reptile Surveying and Handling—Exeter Monday 29th April
Reptile Ecology and Surveying
Date TBC
Survey Techniques for Protected Species—Exeter Thurs 11th and Fri 12th
Tree ID – Bristol Wednesday 19th June

We’ve also got advanced courses lined up for February 2019, including Badgers and Development, Bats and Development and Dormice and Development. Take a look at our Advanced Courses page for more information.

We’re a friendly, helpful bunch here in the office and we’d be happy to answer questions you have about our courses. You can call HQ in Exeter on 01392 366512 or email

We look forward to seeing you on a course soon!

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