Acorn Ecology Certificate Course 2018

Certificate Graduation 2018

Our class of 2018 have graduated! They have done so in style, with some of the highest marks we have seen over the last few years. Congratulations!

It’s been a busy few months since the start of the course back in April. Our students have learned so much (as evidenced by the exam where we saw some fantastic marks).

Looking back to their first day of Core week, where everyone met each other for the first time, hearing about each other’s experiences and reasons for being on the course, it seems like so much has happened. Everyone there had already taken a big step towards their goals of a career in ecology, simply by being on the course.

This week they all met as old friends. Friendships have been made which we hope will remain for years to come. We were delighted to hear about the students who have already gained permanent ecology jobs. This course has given them the skills and confidence to achieve their goals.

Acorn Ecology Certificate Course 2018

We are currently getting ready for the Certificate Course 2019 (our special 10th year of the course). If you are interested please let us know and we can add you to the mailing list. You can find out more about the course here. If you still have questions then give us a call! We’re happy to help.

Certificate 2018

Acorn Ecology certificate course sineadOf all our placement students, Sinead stands out. She started her placement in Exeter full of enthusiasm. She learned really quickly and was great to work with. You can read Sinead’s blog here. Since the placement Sinead has got a permanent ecology job. We are really happy for her. She says: “There’s no way I would have been in this position (just offered first ecology job) had it not been for the Certificate PLUS course and my month of work experience. This time last year I was working in a call centre, in a job I hated, and would look at the course web page between calls dreaming of what could be. Now, just a few months later and I’m about to start a job I absolutely love. Thank you so much!!”


Acorn Ecology Certificate Course 2018Top marks go to Rebecca! With a joint award for the overall highest mark and the best exam mark we have ever seen, we know she will do brilliantly in her career.  Rebecca said “This has been one of the most fun and productive periods in my life. It’s nice to finally be pursuing a career in line with my interests rather than just to pay the bills



We are almost ready to launch the 2019 course, so watch this space, or register your interest by sending us a quick email at

Tracks and signs

Identifying tracks and signs during core week

Acorn Ecology Dormouse

Checking dormouse tubes (and finding a dormouse nest!)

Acorn Ecology Certificate Course 2018 plant IDGetting to grips with Phase 1

Acorn Ecology Beginner's Botany coursePlant Id on the Beginner’s Botany course

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