Acorn Ecology Certificate Course

Jess’ Top 5

It was Jess’ last week in the Exeter office last week and she wrote down here highlights of the 4 week placement she did with us. Jess has been great during her placement – really enthusiastic and ready to do a bit of everything.

Acorn Ecology Certificate Course

Well, I’ve nearly reached the end of my placement and when I look back over the past 4 weeks I am amazed at how many different things  I have done. I have had the opportunity to get involved in both outdoor and indoor activities from assisting with bat and reptile surveys to analysing bat sound data, making Phase 1 maps and having a go at report writing! This placement has definitely given me a greater understanding of the role of an Ecological Consultant and has been great was to build on the knowledge gained during core week. My top 5 memorable experiences gained during my time here have been:

  • Finding and holding a dormouse during box checks on the Dormouse Ecology and Survey Course.
  • Finding 5 slow worms and a grass snake under reptile tiles (not all the same one!)
  • Visiting some beautiful (and interesting) spots in Devon to carry out Preliminary Ecological Appraisals.
  • Sitting overlooking the sea during bat emergence surveys.
  • Traipsing across fields (with the occasional cow), through hedges and over streams to check trees for bat roost sites and carry out transect surveys.

There are many more experiences that did not make the top 5 but where no means less interesting. I have learnt so much not just about ecology but also the tools needed to be a consultant like using equipment and computers for a variety of tasks.

Acorn Ecology Certificate CourseThe staff at Acorn Ecology have been great. Helpful and friendly even when bombarded with many questions (mostly regarding using computers in my case).  Thank you for all the knowledge you have imparted over the last few weeks. I would definitely recommend carrying out a placement as an excellent way of learning more about ecological consultancy.

Thanks, Jess – we look forward to seeing how you progress over the summer. We’re sure you’ll do great!

Jess is a student on the Acorn Ecology Certificate Course. To find out more about the course, see our FAQs. If you’re interested in the 2019 course, let us know!

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