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One Week To Go!

We’re so excited! Less than one week to go before our Certificate Students join us here at the Exeter office for Core Week 2018!

Why do we call it “Core Week”? Over 5 days we are going to teach our Certificate Students the Core Skills they will need to get started in their careers as Ecologists.

Get your Core Skills in place

Phase 1 exeterGetting your core skills in place as soon as possible is really important. We have a few courses that we think are essential – that’s why they make up a good proportion of the Certificate Course Core Week.

Getting to grips with Phase 1 habitat surveys will set you up for Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEAs). These surveys are the foundation block of all ecological work on a site. They help you collect the baseline data, from which you build up your Phase 2 surveys.

Following this our Surveying for Protected Species course will give you a good overview of the Phase 2 surveys. From bats to badgers, dormice to newts, over two days you will get an introduction to the surveys and the wildlife law which supports them.

Why are these skills so important? Whether you are applying for your first ecology position, or looking to get some work experience, having these skills on your CV will be beneficial. Field surveys will probably make up the bulk of your week at the start of your career. You will get some training at work, but attending an interview already knowledgeable in protected species and wildlife law will be impressive.

Acorn Ecology otter on bankHave a look at our introductory species ecology and surveying courses to build these skills, like our Otter Ecology and Surveying Course.

You may not start out writing reports, but knowing what data to collect and how it will be used in the office will keep you a step ahead. If you work for a small consultancy you will be expected to do a bit of everything from the start.

Want to expand your Analook skills? – if you have already done the Introduction to Bat Sound Analysis Course, have a look at how you can move onto the next step with our Bat Survey Data – Analysis and Presentation Course (we know the title isn’t catchy, but it’s full of useful information!)

Details of all our courses can be found here.

If you’d like to see how our Certificate Students get on throughout the summer, keep an eye on this blog for some posts from them. Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter.

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