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Training Update (and a cute badger)

Acorn ecology field workAcorn Ecology has been providing training courses for over 10 years! We’ve had hundreds of students through our doors, learning about all different aspects of ecology. We take you out into the field and put the theory into practice so you can see it in action!

We’ve been listening to your feedback on having courses spread across the South. So, this year we are providing you with EVEN MORE courses in Bristol and in the South east! Our Principal Ecologists, Steph Attwood (Bristol) and Sarah Lyne (London and South East) are ready to impart some of their extensive knowledge to YOU!

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What are we offering?

Phase 1 and Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

We’re running these courses in Exeter, Bristol AND Guildford.

A one-day Phase 1 habitat survey course: An introduction to this widely-used form of habitat classification. Knowledge of Phase 1’s is a MUST in ecological consultancy. Did you know there are 155 different classifications for habitat types, each with their own name, alpha-numeric code, description and mapping colour? This course will guide you through the process and teach you how to use the Phase 1 mapping technique. It includes field work for practical mapping!

ecology field coursePreliminary Ecological Appraisal: We strongly recommend you follow the Phase 1 habitat day with this course. It will teach you to conduct an extended Phase 1 habitat survey (you will need existing knowledge of Phase 1 habitat surveys), looking for signs or potential for protected species to be on site. Then it’s back to the classroom to learn how to write up your findings in a professional report. It covers aspects of fieldwork and identification, legislation and when to recommend further survey. A comprehensive course, packed with information!

Phase 1 habitat survey course in Bristol – 20th May, PEA in Bristol 21st and 22nd May 2019

Phase 1 habitat survey and PEA course in Guildford – 16th – 18th April 2019

Plant ID

Beginner’s Botany, Hampshire

A two-day course that provides a basic knowledge of how to identify wild flowers using keys and guides. You will also become familiar with the most common flowering plants that you are likely to encounter in different habitats. The Hampshire course covers heathland, grassland and riparian vegetation and includes a tree workshop. It will equip you with the tools and confidence to continue your plant id at your own pace. (We also run a Beginner’s Botany course in Exeter)

Acorn Ecology Online CourseGrass ID, Bristol

On almost every Phase 1 survey or Preliminary Ecological Appraisal you will encounter species of grass. But what are they? This course will cover 15-20 species of grass and how to identify them. You will learn about grass structure, terminology and features commonly used for ID, and go on field visits over the day. You will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to identify grasses.

Tree ID, Bristol

Know what an oak tree looks like? Can you tell pedunculate from sessile, holm from Turkish? This one-day course takes you through all the common UK native trees, as well as common non-native introductions. Learn how to identify species using keys and features. The course includes site visits to woodland areas.

What did you miss?

Here’s some footage of a lovely badger, just for fun:

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